Facial Cupping

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Two weeks later, I'm floored by the results: clear, dewy skin and next to no redness. For those of you who are new to acupuncture, here's a quick crash course: Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medicine practice that involves placing ultra-fine needles on systematic points to improve tone and increase the circulation of blood and lymph. The practice has been shown to help with a host of issues , from depression to arthritis to carpal tunnel . On the face, it can help clear congestion, minimize acne, and reduce redness and inflammation. Unlike most facials, Chiu's treatment doesn't involve masking or extractions — instead, she focuses on needling the neck and face (with a few needles placed in strategic points on the body ) catering her technique to each client's skin concerns. In all honesty, facial acupuncture isn't relaxing during the procedure. According to Chiu, this is completely normal. She says it's common for people to experience discomfort during the treatment, but intense relaxation after. She finishes each treatment with an ultra-soothing 15-minute session of gua sha and cupping . Still, facial acupuncture isn't for everyone, but gua sha is an easy way to contour and lift the face from the comfort of your own home once you understand how to correctly do it (although I highly recommend booking a professional treatment to see maximum results). Chiu conducts monthly classes to teach clients how to maintain their results at home with gua sha and even has a video explaining the entire process and an online shop where you can buy a jade tool .

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